The wines of our region are a little less well known than some others and a nice surprise awaits for those who come and visit here.  

Rosso Piceno
Le Marche’s Rosso Piceno DOC region covers a vast area and our apartments are at the southern end of this region. The wines must be at least 60% Sangiovese grape softened with Montepulciano and very occasionally with the white varieties Trebbiano and Passerina. Rosso Piceno Superiore wines have been aged for a minimum of 12 months in wooden barrels and have a minimum alcohol content of 12%. Sangiovese gives lots of tannins with strong cherry flavours, whilst the Montepulciano provides soft plummy tastes and a rich velvety colour.  Being Italy it is the perfect wine to drink with the local specialities.

This is an ancient traditional grape of the le Marche region, which produces wines with ripe citrus flavours which can also have quite a mineral side to it.  The high natural sugars of this grape lead to high acidity and a balanced wine – a great aperitivo on a warm summer evening, especially the sparkling versions.

A grape rescued from being almost extinct in the 1970s, (perhaps because of its low yield) and now widely grown in Le Marche, and is becoming one of the most popular white wines in Italy. Floral scented, straw yellow in colour, dry, fresh and mineral to taste with high acidity and alcohol due to the high sugar content – try it with some of the local pecorino cheese.

Often these great wines can be hard to find outside of the region and more so outside of Italy, and it is worthwhile putting this part of Italy on your travel calendar to come and enjoy the flavours of this wonderful region.

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