Culture and Street Food

Be part of local life


A heady mix of history, culture, a love of great food, religion, pride in their home town (so strong they have a word for it – campanalismo), and just taking delight in having a good time all come together in the innumerable festivals (or sagre) that take place all year round in le Marche.

Montefiore dell’Aso is a very active community, and below are some of the events that you can enjoy and join in.


There is always something to celebrate in Italy, and visiting during the Carnevale is a great way to join in the celebrations.

Many of the local towns hold a Carnevale, and Montefiore’s is well known, attracting large crowds from all over the region. Everybody parties with great enthusiasm and you can join in as much or a little as you wish, and if you have any energy left you can do it all again – the procession and party take place twice in Montefiore! Carnevale is celebrated once on the Sunday and then again two days later on the following Tuesday. Make the most of it as Lent, the traditional period of fasting, abstinence and reflection follows immediately after, (a translation of Carnevale would be `farewell to meat’).

Carnevale is held on the Sunday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday, and so will take place on 26th & 28th February 2017.

One of the regular characters at Carnevale


Everyone is busy creating their designs

Whilst many towns hold an infiorata (making petal pictures on the streets of the town), the infiorata of Montefiore Dell’Aso is one of the most important in Italy and attracts visitors from all over the country and beyond. It is such an outstanding event that it has been filmed by RAI (the national television group). Also, every year a design from Montefiore is taken to Rome for the infiorata at St Peters!

All the designs are by local people and reflect biblical themes connected with the Eucharist and the natural world. The designs are printed onto large paper sheets which are pasted into position on the streets during Saturday. During Saturday night everyone, from young school children to the Carabinieri, complete their collages by placing petals and other natural items onto the design to build up the picture, not finishing their work until the early hours of the morning.

Finally, all the designs are complete for the passing crowds to view and admire, and then it’s over. All the hard work is removed on Sunday night and the town returns to normal.

The date of the infiorata is linked to Corpus Christi, hence the actual date changes each year. In 2017 it was held on Sunday 18th June and in 2018 it will be on Sunday 3rd June.


Maialata in Piazza

This is the flagship event for the town attracting thousands of people every night who come to eat in the piazzas and streets of the historic centre, which are transformed into open air dining rooms. As with all the local events it is run and organised by volunteers, and it takes place every night from 15th–19th August, (15th August is Ferragosto, an important public holiday in Italy).

Savour the creamy polenta served on a wooden tablet and the barbequed pork which gives the event its name, washed down with a glass of local wine.  There is also music, entertainment and various exhibitions to enjoy.

An event not to be missed!

(All the proceeds from this festival are used to support the Croce Verde of Montefiore-Massignano-Campofilone)

Food, food and, yes, more food!

Montefiore con gusto

Food, wine and music in the historic centre of the town – perfect

A truly unique event that shows the community spirit of the town.

Organised by the new generation of the town the festival brings together the town’s hospitality businesses in an interactive event that really captures and involves you. Strolling through the streets of the old town you get to enjoy rich fare, complemented by wine, beer and music – it is an event for all the senses!