A magnificent national park on your doorstep

The call of the wild

The Sibillini National Park, with its majestic highest peak of Mount Vettore (8,123 ft / 2,476 m) can be reached in just over 30 minutes from Villa Rosa Bianca and makes  for a wonderful day trip.  It hides such treasures as the Gola dell’Infernaccio, and the Eremo San Leonardo (a gothic church rebuilt singlehandedly by the hermit Friar Lavini).

You might want to take the time to visit the delightful towns of Amandola, Montemonaco and Sarnano, or perhaps drive alongside the Ambro river to the lovely Santuario Madonna dell’Ambro.

A slightly longer drive of an hour will see you reach the local ski resort at Sassotetto, a journey worth making at all times of the year not just during the skiing season.

If you have the energy (and equipment) a six hour return hike from the hamlet of Foce will get you to Lago di Pilato (the lake of Pontius Pilate), the only natural lake in Marche and a place with a unique habitat.